Alabama Weekly Feedstuff/Production Cost Report (Mon)
Montgomery, AL    Mon Apr 16, 2018    USDA-AL Dept of Ag Market News

Alabama Weekly Feedstuff/Production Cost Report 

Feedstuff prices, dollars per ton, bulk, truck delivered to areas 
in state unless otherwise stated.

  Compared to one week ago: Whole cottonseed and gin trash steady, 
soy hull pellets steady to 10.00 lower, corn gluten pellets mostly 
steady, corn .05 lower, fertilizer and lime mostly steady, farm 
diesel steady to .05 higher.

Whole Cottonseed (FOB Gin)     145.00-165.00     Gin Trash 12.00-15.00

                                   North           Central          South   
Soybean Hull Pellets           120.00-140.00    140.00-185.00    160.00-185.00
Corn Gluten Pellets 21% prot   115.00-215.00    135.00-230.00    150.00-250.00
# 2 yellow Corn per bushel       4.04-4.75        4.04-5.00        4.04-5.15
(rounded to nearest whole cent)

Production cost items state wide: cash prices bulk, FOB distributor, 
Per ton unless otherwise stated. Fertilizer in granular form unless 

Liquid Nitrogen 28% spread                  245.00-390.00
Ammonium Nitrate                            340.00-425.00
Urea                                        337.00-490.00
13-13-13 (lbs N-P-K per 100 lbs fert)       350.00-425.00
17-17-17 (lbs N-P-K per 100 lbs fert)       383.00-490.00
DAP (Diammonium Phosphate 18%N 46%P)        420.00-592.00
Lime (spread)                                30.00-50.00
Potash (Potassium)                          320.00-455.00

Farm Diesel Fuel per gal <1000 gallons        2.31-2.54

Source:  USDA-AL Dept of Ag Market News, Montgomery, AL
         David Garcia, OIC
         Johnny Young, Market Reporter Phone 334-223-7488

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